SCIMON is our proprietary technology platform

It brings together data and analytics into one patient-centric knowledge repository.

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Data powers SCIMON

SCIMON holds electronic health records (EHR), genomic testing results, patient surveys, claims and other operational data in both structured and unstructured formats and includes information and insights on more than 100,0000 patients.

While the true value of oncology data lies in complete genomic-clinical datasets, these aren’t readily accessible from other sources, and unlike many chronic conditions, oncology requires much more than basic sales or claims data to achieve robust understanding. The right combination and depth of cancer data is critical to derive clinically meaningful insights, and Vidence goes above and beyond to achieve this.

We successfully offer

The ability to capture time

Diagnosis to survival

Increased depth of moment


Greater breadth of story

Social determinants

We are utilizing advanced technologies

Utilizing advanced technology including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), SCIMON aggregates, analyzes and organizes the data from disparate sources and formats and provides tools to enable users to extract business intelligence, conduct healthcare economics and outcomes research (HEOR) studies and visualize critical data.