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Vidence harnesses the power of patient,
clinical and genomic data and insights to help the medical community advance the treatment, care and outcomes for oncology patients.


About Vidence

Vidence powers a cancer-free future, enabling the development of new treatments
for patients through data-driven, evidence-based analytics and insights.


Our Story

Vidence harnesses the power of clinical and genomic data and insights to advance the treatment and outcomes for oncology patients.

A healthcare informatics company, Vidence provides the world’s leading cancer researchers, innovators and treatment providers with the ability to contribute to and access the most comprehensive knowledge base of patient journeys and outcomes.


Vidence Consortium Fellows

Vidence Consortium Fellows are leading healthcare systems, independent hospitals, and cancer clinics that share a strong commitment and passion for improving the treatment journey for cancer patients.

They recognize the value of data-driven insights in the care and treatment of their own patients as well as the importance of informing and accelerating the development of new drugs, treatment regimens, protocols and clinical research.

Vidence Consortium Fellows contribute their data to the Vidence technology platform, SCIMON, in return for the ability to analyze and visualize their own data in a rich structure environment, leveraging tools to provide insights that inform and can improve their ability to effectively treat their oncology patients.

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Value & Quality

Key Stats

The value and quality of Vidence’s oncology data, services
and technology are unparalleled in the industry


patient journeys and growing through the Consortium


patient reported outcomes


patients with detailed genomic sequencing

Our Products & Services


SCIMON Platform

SCIMON is Vidence’s proprietary technology platform that brings together data and analytics in one patient-centric knowledge repository.

SCIMON holds clinical, genetic/genomic, claims, and operational data in both structured and unstructured formats.

Utilizing advanced technology including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), SCIMON aggregates, analyzes and organizes the data from disparate sources and formats and provides tools to enable users to extract business intelligence, conduct healthcare economics and outcomes research (HEOR) studies and visualize critical data.


Reports & Studies

Utilizing the SCIMON platform, the Vidence team can conduct bespoke analyses

  • Market Trend Reports

    Identification and analysis of market trends in every area of oncology, including, but not limited to, diagnostics, treatment, outcomes, claims and operations

  • Retrospective Studies

    Understanding the effectiveness of therapies, care and patient outcomes for specific disease or patient populations

  • Observational Studies & Registries

    Observing patient treatment trends, quality of life (QOL), patient reported outcomes (PRO), and living patient journeys

  • Product / Treatment Adoption Studies

    Analysis of frequency and effectiveness of products or treatment regimens in specific disease states

  • Value-Based Care Analysis

    Cost/benefit analysis of rebates/incentives for products, treatments or services for specific disease or patient segments


Data Visualization

Vidence helps companies harness the power of big data through visualized dashboards and reports.

  • Interactive Interface

    Enables users to quickly filter and visualize large datasets using metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other important data points for data analysis

  • Cohort Analysis

     Observe population studies of cancer and cancer-related outcomes

  • Data Insights

    Uncover patterns and trends in datasets, enable better collaboration and speed up the decision-making process

  • Online Access

    Connect securely and available from anywhere, anytime


Professional Tools & Services

In addition to data analysis, Vidence’s professional tools and services can help accelerate active product and drug development, clinical studies and treatment planning.

  • Clinical Trials

    A variety of services to enhance and accelerate clinical trial matching, recruitment and design

  • Precision Medicine Tools

    To track, visualize and utilize precision medicine testing results at the point of care

  • Quality Metrics

    Quality measurement tools to gauge performance and compliance with government regulations and certification programs

  • Medical Research

    Identify and analyze patient cohorts for clinical insights and optimization of treatment and outcomes


Van Crocker

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Rachel Schweers, PhD, JD

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Rob Hauser, PhD, PharmD

Co-Founder, Chief Business & Analytics Officer

Joshua Mann

Chief Data Officer

Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD, MSEd, FACP

Senior Medical Director


Vidence and 2bPrecise Announce Strategic Partnership to Unleash the Power of Genomic Data in Precision Oncology

Vidence has selected the 2bPrecise™ platform, a precision medicine data delivery solution, to make it easier for its Consortium Fellows to unlock the true power of genomic data at the point of care and facilitate the advancement of precision oncology. Vidence’s proprietary SCIMON™ technology platform will seamlessly integrate with the 2bPrecise cloud-based platform delivering data-driven insights directly into the provider’s workflow to prompt an evidence-based choice of action.

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Vidence and NTT DATA Announce Partnership to Deliver Predictive Analytics in Oncology

Vidence and NTT DATA Services, a global digital business and IT services leader, today announced a relationship to build advanced AI and ML algorithms to predict patient outcomes, enhance decision-making, and drive clinical trials to advance cancer research and treatment. This unique collaboration will utilize a combination of medical imaging scan, clinical and outcomes data to build a predictive model that will optimize treatment regimens.

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Vidence, LLC Launched to Set Standard for High-Quality Cancer Data, Research and Analytics

Vidence, LLC, an oncology informatics company, was officially launched today as an independent entity to provide the world’s leading cancer researchers, innovators and providers with the most comprehensive clinical and genomic data and insights. Founded by leading members of the medical and technical communities, Vidence fills an evidence gap in oncology and helps pharmaceutical and biotech firms and other healthcare institutions accelerate the development of cancer treatments and optimize patient care.

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5900 Broken Sound Parkway NW,
Boca Raton, FL 33487

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